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Neutral Grounding Resistance (NGR) Monitoring

The idea of a neutral grounding resistor is to limit the maximum fault current in order to avoid damages and hazards caused by ground faults. Since the system is technically grounded (e.g. High Resistance Grounding) protective relays will work properly. Early detection of a change in the NGR...

Exhibitor: Bender GmbH & Co. KG

POWERSCOUT Monitoring and analysis made easy

Moisture, deterioration, dirt, mechanical damage or faults caused by the impact of current, voltage and temperature impair every electrical installation. The web-based software solution POWERSCOUT ® helps you detect malfunctions at an early stage and eliminate the causes in an economically...

Exhibitor: Bender GmbH & Co. KG

charge Controller for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, wall boxes or street light charging points

The charge controller monitors charging system internal hardware, such as the meter, the user interface board or the socket. It is characterized by its compact design and size that in turn enables intelligent, small and cost effective charging systems. To enable the charge controller to...

Exhibitor: Bender GmbH & Co. KG

NEW: BROCKHAUS presents and offers more Automatic Testers

Besides the advancement of the established and proven products BROCKHAUS presents and offers the new, impressive fully automatic Single Sheet Tester 500x500 including Franklin Tester.

Exhibitor: Dr. Brockhaus Messtechnik GmbH & Co. KG


Professional training of customer staff at the BROCKHAUS Academy in Luedenscheid, Germany General update of knowledge in the field of magnetic measurements View on future developments of hard- and soft magnetic materials Training of operators in the use of BROCKHAUS instruments...

Exhibitor: Dr. Brockhaus Messtechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Reliable data transmission in Radio bands now secured

EES offers a large variety of telecontrol systems to transmit data over large distances about 10km or more. In particular wireless transmission over registration and free of charge use radio bands is a EES USP. To secure the data transmission between each station, an AES based encryption can be...

Exhibitor: Elektra Elektronik GmbH & Co. Störcontroller KG

Multi Colour LED for USM and BSM series

The flexible and well established BSM - USM series of EES get an upgrade. Status indication of alarms is done by differnt colours. The nowadays green or red visualisation is upgraded to RGB LEDs with increased contrast and parameterisable colours out of a palette of 6 different colours. Enabling...

Exhibitor: Elektra Elektronik GmbH & Co. Störcontroller KG

Be flexible – Fault monitoring now via Modbus TCP and RTU

Since October EES is delivering its universal fault annunciator series “USM” with the free of charge Modbus TCP implementation. The device operates always as a Modbus slave (passive Modbus) with a Modbus address between 1 and 255. If Modbus-TCP is used, the IP address of the...

Exhibitor: Elektra Elektronik GmbH & Co. Störcontroller KG

Smart Grid Interface Module

EFEN´s Smart Grid Interfaces allow the convenient collection of data on site within the switchgear cabinet. Thanks to its compact design, the Smart Grid Interface can be retrofitted into any cabinet. Metering data is transmitted conveniently via GSM modem. The system collects the data of various...

Exhibitor: EFEN GmbH

M19 – compact ring main unit (RMU AIS) for transformerstations

The switchgear M19 is a compact ring main unit for the application in local network stations. The installation takes place in compact stations as well as in the cellar area of buildings with partly difficulty access. Features: Switchgear with variable foundation for switchboard rooms...

Exhibitor: ELATEC Power Distribution GmbH

Generator switchgear M17

loads. They are the interface between your generator and the distribution grid. Our air-insulated, type-tested and factory assembled switchgears for indoor installation fulfil the standard IEC 62271-200. Your advantages High availability Safe energy supply High personal safety...

Exhibitor: ELATEC Power Distribution GmbH

Package Substation and Kiosk

Our container systems are individual solutions manufactured according to customer’s requirements. Your advantages: Containers with switchgears for mobile and stationary application Application in difficult climate conditions Container solutions in most different versions...

Exhibitor: ELATEC Power Distribution GmbH

Fast and simple current measurement

Superfast and accurate current measurement is the result of using our compact split-core current transformers. ELEQ’s TQ-series is ideal for use in existing installations and in combination with digital measurement systems. The TQ50-L is deliverable in a range from 250/1A till 1000/1A and...

Exhibitor: Eleq b.v.

Gas Relay for Transformers CF 38 (Type 80)

The gas relay can be used both on open-type transformers and hermetically sealed transformers. On open-type transformers with conservator the gas relay of type 80 can be used both as an air cell failure relay monitoring the hydro-type compensator (rubber sack) in the conservator, and as a gas...

Exhibitor: Elektromotoren und Gerätebau Barleben GmbH

Buchholz Gas Tester BGT 4.2

Measuring and analysis of Buchholz gas directly on site Detection & analysis of H2, CO, CO2, C2H2, CH4+ Enables to decide about the continuous operation of the transformer Easy handling via touch display Incl. Buchholz gas sampler BGS

Exhibitor: Elektromotoren und Gerätebau Barleben GmbH

Buchholz Relay 3+3

Buchholz relay with 6 independent contacts 3 contacts for alarm & 3 contacts for disconnection Also available with mechanical pre-alarm system

Exhibitor: Elektromotoren und Gerätebau Barleben GmbH

Safety switch CES-C07

There is more than meets the eye to EUCHNER’s smallest safety switch. It is the innovation on the inside. The CES-C07 supplements the familiar and frequently used option of connecting sensors in series by adding much more comprehensive diagnostics. Even better: the devices provide...

Exhibitor: EUCHNER GmbH & Co. KG

Safety module ESM-CB with IO-Link

The slimline safety module ESM-CB is multifunctional: it is an evaluation unit, safety relay, and IO-Link device in one. Its housing, measures only 18 mm in width, contains everything you need to secure a small machine. Another special advantage is the ability to transmit all relevant sensor...

Exhibitor: EUCHNER GmbH & Co. KG

Transponder-coded safety switch CES-C04 for ATEX applications

The transponder-coded EUCHNER safety switches from series CES-C04-AP/AR can now be used in potentially explosive atmospheres in zone 2 (gases) and zone 22 (dusts). This is made possible by a specially developed plastic housing guard. The CES-C04 is simply placed into this guard. It effectively...

Exhibitor: EUCHNER GmbH & Co. KG


EMERSON COMPLETES TOOLS & TEST ACQUISITION The deal joins the highly respected Greenlee and Klauke electrical products brands with Emerson’s RIDGID plumbing products brand, creating an unparalleled professional tools offering ST. LOUIS, July 2, 2018 – Emerson (NYSE: EMR) today announced it has...

Exhibitor: Greenlee Textron. Inc.

NEW LOOKOUT Voltage Detection Network

HD Electric Company launches the revolutionary LOOKOUT Voltage Detection Network. The LOOKOUT keeps crews and fleet equipment safe through a network of connected voltage detectors that detect strong electric fields surrounding high voltage conductors and fleet equipment and alert users to nearby...

Exhibitor: HD Electric Company


The SiC Varistors manufactured by HVR in Germany are tested to extrem high temperatures. The continous operating temp. can be above 200°C (short time up to 300°C) which increase the energy capability up to 140kJ per disc. The Si-Metal Resistor range have a cont. operating temp. of up to 350°C...

Exhibitor: HVR International GmbH

SmartActiveTransformer – Automatic On-load TAP-Changer

On-load TAP Changer ensures a stable secondary power supply in applications of wind-, solar- and hydro energy! The on-load tap changer was specially developed and optimally integrated with the transformer tank in which the switches operate in special vacuum cells to exclude the possibility of...

Exhibitor: J. Schneider Elektrotechnik GmbH


To be protected against power failures, an uninterruptible power supply on AC or DC side is mandatory. The advantage of AC UPS systems is that this type is buffering all electrical consumers, eg. AC drives, etc. However, an AC UPS system is more expensive than a DC UPS system. If the...

Exhibitor: J. Schneider Elektrotechnik GmbH


We are pleased to inform you that Emerson has taken over the Textron’s “Tools and Test Business”. As you know, “Tools and Test” is a leading worldwide manufacturer of tools, connection systems and measuring equipment with well-known brands such as KLAUKE and GREENLEE. This acquisition extends...

Exhibitor: Gustav Klauke GmbH

Dynamic Grid Support

KEMA Certified, SYMAP®-Compact+ is capableof monitoring voltage maintenance in case of undervoltage caused by grid faults. Also, the directional signal comparison protection via IEC61850 is possible by GOOSE messages in SYMAP-Compact(+).

Exhibitor: Stucke Elektronik GmbH stuckeGROUP

Municipal storage system project in the UK

In the county of West Sussex, a 4MWh @ 1C lithium storage system from TESVOLT together with a 7.4 MW solar park stabilizes the power grid. The municipality that commissioned the project will generate substantial revenues over the next 25 years: The electricity from the solar park will be sold on...

Exhibitor: TESVOLT GmbH

German Entrepreneur Award

The panel of judges appraised Tesvolt’s storage systems as a worldwide unique product. “What makes our storage systems so exceptional is the battery management system,” says Simon Schandert, co-founder of Tesvolt. It makes Tesvolt storage systems especially durable and economical. “While other...

Exhibitor: TESVOLT GmbH

The smarter E Award

The smarter E Award" focuses on solutions and concepts that intelligently combine all energy sectors from the electricity, heat and transport sectors with renewable energies, decentralization, and digitization. Tesvolt and Unlimited Energy received the award in 2018 for their "Off-grid avocado...

Exhibitor: TESVOLT GmbH

WEICON Threadlocking Varnish

Protection and safety against manipulation WEICON Threadlocking Varnish is a solvent-based, fast drying securing and marking varnish with good adhesion to many materials. The varnish serves as a removable lock, as protection against tampering by unauthorized persons, as a cover for...

Exhibitor: WEICON GmbH & Co. KG

WEICON Anti-Seize Nickel

Assembly paste for extreme conditions WEICON supplements the range of assembly pastes with a special type that is suitable for use in many industrial areas – Anti-Seize Nickel. It has been developed to resist extreme conditions. It withstands extreme temperatures as well as aggressive...

Exhibitor: WEICON GmbH & Co. KG

WEICON Allround Sealing Spray

Allround solution for sealing leaks WEICON has developed a special spray for sealing micro cracks and welds in indoor and outdoor areas – Allround Sealing Spray. The spray is a strong adhesive glue, which can seal leakages in various different fields. For example, it can be used on...

Exhibitor: WEICON GmbH & Co. KG

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