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German Pavilion at Middle East Electricity 2019

5 – 7 March 2019 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

ELATEC Power Distribution GmbH

Booth number: H1.E28

ELATEC POWER DISTRIBUTION GmbH is a German EPC contractor of solutions for the power distribution.

We manufacture our products in Germany including complete engineering, deliver to the end user, install and start up.

Our scope of deliveries and services in detail:

  • High voltage switchgears

  • Medium voltage switchgears

  • Low voltage switchgears

  • Power generation and power plants

  • Package Substation and Kiosk Substation

  • Mobile Substation

  • Retrofit

  • Spare parts for all switchgears

  • EPC Contracting

  • Training for customers engineers

  • Supervision and start up

  • Civil works

  • Installation of substations, indoor and outdoor
    With our experienced engineering team, we can
    provide you with complex electro-technical solutions for
    power generation, transmission and distribution.
    Our company stands for innovation, competence,
    quality and sustainability.
  • Medium voltage switchgears

    - Switchgear 12kV, up to 63kA, 4000A

    - Switchgear 17,5kV, up to 40kA, 4000A

    - Switchgear 24kV, up to 31,5kA, 2500A

    - Switchgear 36kV, up to 31,5kA, 3150A

    - Switchgear 40,5kV, up to 31,5kA, 4000A

    - Metal enclosed and metal clad design

    - Withdrawable and fix version

  • High voltage switchgears

    - GIS up to 145kV, 40kA, 2500A

  • Low voltage switchgears

    - Motor Control Center up to 690V, 120kA, 6300A

  • Power distribution indoor and outdoor

    - Trailer substations - AIS / GIS switchgears - Containerized substations

  • Power generation - Generator switchgear

  • Package Substation and Kiosk - Individual solutions manufactured according to customer’s requirements

  • Mobile Substation - 132/33kV, 132/11kV, 33/11kV

  • Retrofit / Revamp - Development and production of switching devices for existing switchgear systems - Installation of new components on existing switching devices • Spare parts for all switchgears
    • EPC Contracting • Training for customers engineers
    • Supervision and start up • Civil works

ELATEC Power Distribution GmbH
Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 6
54329 Konz

Phone: +49 6051 949424
E-mail: thorsten.becker@elatec.net
Internet: www.elatec.net


HVR International GmbH

Booth number: H1.G19

HVR International GmbH is a german, ISO certified producer of passive components.

HVR manufactures and sales SiC Varistors (CTPU's and Varistors for protection Relays) and Silicon metal resistors we also sell ZnO Varistors

The SiC disc and tubes are produced in Roethenbach and supplied all over the world.

Additional the HVR Group also produces the following product ranges:

  • Wire Wound Resistors by HVR Pentagon in Birmingham, UK

  • Carbon Ceramic Resistors by HVR International Ltd. in Newcastle, UK
HVR Group manufactures the below listed passive components:

- Silicon Carbide Varistors

- Metal Oxide Varistors

- Si-Metal Ceramic Resistors

- Wire Wound Resistors

- Carbon Ceramic Resistors

HVR International GmbH
Gruenthal 8
Röthenbach an der Pegnitz

Phone: +49 911 3765860
Fax: +49 911 37658615

E-mail: info@hvrint.de
Internet: www.hvrint.de


RPT Ruhstrat Power Technology GmbH

Booth number: H1.F35

Ruhstrat develops and produces electrical test solutions, voltage optimization systems and transformers. Regarding electrical test solutions, Ruhstrat is specialized in temperature rise testing, motor and pump testing systems as well as heat cycle test equipment for high voltage and HVDC cables. With voltage optimization systems, Ruhstrat has over 80 years of experience and offers up-to-date systems for protection against voltage sags and for voltage stabilization. The individual production in our factory of transformers with low and medium voltage together with control cabinets guarantees a continuous high quality of all electrical components.

Voltage Stabilizers, Voltage Sag Compensation, Heat Cycle Test Systems, Temperature Rise Test Systems, Variable Voltage & Frequency Test Power Supply for motor and pump testing, Electrical Test Systems with variable voltage, current and frequency, Low-voltage Transformers, Cast-resin Transformers

RPT Ruhstrat Power Technology GmbH
Heinestr. 12
37120 Bovenden

Phone: +49 5593 937220
E-mail: info@ruhstrat.com
Internet: www.ruhstrat.com


TDK Electronics AG, Aluminum and Film Capacitors Business Group

Booth number: H1.H31

TDK Electronics (previously EPCOS) develops, manufactures and markets electronic components and systems under the product brands of TDK and EPCOS, focusing on fast-growing leading-edge technology markets, which include automotive electronics, industrial electronics and consumer electronics as well as information and communications technology.

Products and solutions for power factor correction (PFC) and harmonic filtering:

  • PQSine Active Harmonic Filter
  • PQvar stepless advanced PFC / static var generator
  • Hybrid PFC
  • PhaseCap Energy 4.0, Deltacap black premium and PhiCap capacitor range
  • Comprehensive range of Power factor controllers BR2100, BR6000, BR7000
  • Thyristor switches & capacitor duty contactors
  • Passive filter reactors & accessories

TDK Electronics AG, Aluminum and Film Capacitors Business Group
Rosenheimer Str. 141 e
81671 Munich

Phone: +49 89 54020-0
E-mail: info@tdk-electronics.tdk.com
Internet: www.tdk-electronics.tdk.com


Zeck GmbH

Booth number: H1.F27

Zeck GmbH
Columba-Schonath-Str. 6
96110 Schesslitz

Phone: +49 9542 9494-0
E-mail: info@zeck-gmbh.com
Internet: www.zeck-gmbh.com