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About us

TESVOLT specializes in battery storage for commercial enterprises and produces lithium-ion-based power storage units that operate at both low and high voltages and can be connected to all power generators: Sun, wind, water, biogas and combined heat and power - On-Grid as well as Off-Grid. All of TESVOLT storage systems are produced in its own production facility in Germany. The intelligent cell control is certified by TÜV Rheinland. In 2018, TESVOLT was awarded the "German Entrepreneur Award". In the same year, TESVOLT received the "The smarter E award" in the "Outstanding projects" category for the off-grid power supply of an avocado farm in southwestern Australia.

Products and services

TESVOLT specializes in commercial battery storage systems that function just as well at low voltage as at a high voltage. APPLICATIONS: INCREASED SELF-CONSUMPTION: Consume more of your self-generated electricity.

PEAK LOAD SHAVING: Cut your consumption peaks and save money due to lower power consumption.

BACKUP POWER: In case of an outage, your storage system takes over the electricity supply within a split of a second.

DIESEL-HYBRID OPTIMIZATION: Improved system utilization, lower fuel consumption.

OFF-GRID ELECTRICITY SUPPLY: Create your own electricity grid, e.g. with a photovoltaic system.

FREQUENCY RESERVE (PRL): Contribute to main grid stabilization and charge the battery when there is too much energy in the grid, or discharge your battery when there is too little energy in the grid.

TS 48 V

TS 48 V

Areas of application:
Emergency power:
in the event of a power failure, your storage system is ready to supply power in a split of a second.
Load shifting:
cut peaks in consumption and save money by reducing the size of the grid connection.
Increased self-consumption:
use more of the power you have generated and save on electricity costs.
Off-grid power supply:
set up your own power grid, e.g. in conjunction with a photovoltaic system.

TS HV 70

TS HV 70

Areas of application
Load shifting:
cut peaks in consumption and save money by reducing the size of the grid connection
Increased self-consumption:
use more of the power
you have generated and save on electricity costs
Grid services:
regulate reactive and/or active power or frequency and offset fluctuations in the power grid
Diesel hybrid optimization:
reduce the consumption of diesel hybrid systems with this storage system



Charging infrastructure:
combine the applications of peak shaving, self-consumption, and grid services

Diesel hybrid optimization:
diesel hybrid systems can be optimized for consumption with this system

Peak load shifting:
cut your peaks in consumption and save money by reducing the size of the mains connection

Increase self-consumption:
use more of the power you have generated

Ancillary services:
manage frequency, effective and reactive power, and balance grid fluctuations

News & Innovations

Municipal storage system project in the UK 

In the county of West Sussex, a 4MWh @ 1C lithium storage system from TESVOLT together with a 7.4 MW solar park stabilizes the power grid. The municipality that commissioned the project will generate substantial revenues over the next 25 years: The electricity from the solar park will be sold on...| » Further reading 

German Entrepreneur Award 

The panel of judges appraised Tesvolt’s storage systems as a worldwide unique product. “What makes our storage systems so exceptional is the battery management system,” says Simon Schandert, co-founder of Tesvolt. It makes Tesvolt storage systems especially durable and economical. “While other st...| » Further reading 

The smarter E Award 

The smarter E Award" focuses on solutions and concepts that intelligently combine all energy sectors from the electricity, heat and transport sectors with renewable energies, decentralization, and digitization. Tesvolt and Unlimited Energy received the award in 2018 for their "Off-grid avocado fa...| » Further reading 


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