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About us

EUCHNER GmbH + Co. KG in Leinfelden is an international family business and employs more than 700 staff worldwide. 18 sales subsidiaries, of which nine are in Europe, four in Asia and four in North and South America, cover the world along with 24 authorized sales offices.

The Swabian company is managed by Mr. Stefan Euchner. Switchgear has been developed at EUCHNER for more than 60 years. These devices are used primarily in the field of mechanical engineering. The company has a leading position in safety products.

EUCHNER safety switches monitor the position of safety guards on machines and installations electro-mechanically and electronically with a high degree of reliability.

Products and services

  • Magnetically coded and Transponder-coded safety switches

  • Transponder-coded safety switches with guard locking

  • Multifunctional Gate Box MGB

  • Electromechanical safety switches

  • Electronic Key System EKS

  • Hand-held pendant stations and Handwheels

  • Position switches, Joystick switches,

  • Multiple limit switches and Identifications systems

  • Safety relays and control systems, Enabling switches and
    Emergency stop devices

  • Light grids and light curtains

  • Safety engineering acc. to ATEX directive

  • Safety engineering with AS-Interface
Safety light grids and light curtains LCA

Safety light grids and light curtains LCA

These light grids and light curtains are used for access control and for securing danger areas. They are available as multi-beam light grids or as light curtains with various resolutions from 14 to 50 mm. Simple setup can be performed directly on the device without additional programming on a PC. Up to 3 light curtains of type 4 can be connected in series for simple protection of dangerous areas. Master/slave versions with various resolutions and protective field heights are available.

CTP meets MGB – the compact safety door protection device MGBS

CTP meets MGB – the compact safety door protection device MGBS

Why not combine the best features from different products? Take a CTP transpondercoded safety switch, mount it on a sturdy sub plate, combine everything with a MGB handle module. What you get is the compact safety door protection device MGBS. This is the ideal solution wherever
a slimline switch housing is needed. The system is optionally available with an e-stop device and with controls and indicators. The resulting MGBS is a slimline safety door protection device with the properties of a MGB.

The new EKS with USB port for the best compact access management

The new EKS with USB port for the best compact access management

The electronics are fully integrated into the new EKS with USB port for electronic access control and management. The device can be connected to PC-based control system technology. The Electronic-Key adapter is compact enough to fit into the latest control panels with limited installation space. Its closed and rounded shape prevents dirt deposits and permits simple cleaning, while its FDA-approved plastic allows it to be used in hygienically sensitive areas such as the food industry.

News & Innovations

Safety switch CES-C07 

There is more than meets the eye to EUCHNER’s smallest safety switch. It is the innovation on the inside. The CES-C07 supplements the familiar and frequently used option of connecting sensors in series by adding much more comprehensive diagnostics. Even better: the devices provide proces...| » Further reading 

Safety module ESM-CB with IO-Link 

The slimline safety module ESM-CB is multifunctional: it is an evaluation unit, safety relay, and IO-Link device in one. Its housing, measures only 18 mm in width, contains everything you need to secure a small machine. Another special advantage is the ability to transmit all relevant sensor a...| » Further reading 

Transponder-coded safety switch CES-C04 for ATEX applications 

The transponder-coded EUCHNER safety switches from series CES-C04-AP/AR can now be used in potentially explosive atmospheres in zone 2 (gases) and zone 22 (dusts). This is made possible by a specially developed plastic housing guard. The CES-C04 is simply placed into this guard. It effectively...| » Further reading 


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Georges Hindi
Export Director
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