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About us

The company EMB GmbH provides more than 50 years experience in producing Buchholz relays, monitoring relays and other protection devices for liquidcooled and liquid insulated appliances.

It ranks among the most distinguished manufacturers of this type equipment. Our staff of highly-qualified engineers and experienced skilled workers help ensure we produce top-quality, high-precision equipment. The casings are machined on modern CNC-controlled machine tools.

All products are subjected to a final inspection, when all functions are checked using special test equipment. Profound experience and expertise are a sound basis for high product quality.

Extensive references from reputed tap changers and transformer manufacturers as well as other users are proof of the high qualitative level of the products. The company is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and approved for AEO F.

Products and services

  • Transformer protection relay (Buchholz principle) - Buchholz relay

  • SMART Buchholz relay

  • Monitoring relay for tap changers

  • Gas relay

  • Buchholz gas tester BGT

  • Additional devices for Buchholz relays

  • Breathing boxes for transformers

  • Further transformer accessories
SMART Buchholz Relay

SMART Buchholz Relay

Buchholz relay with extended functions by means of sensors:
Capacitive sensor-NM Series - For analogue measuring of gas accumulation - Reliable & continuous monitoring of Buchholz gases for early fault detection
Moisture sensor - Constant monitoring of humidity in oil - For early detection & preventive measuring - Output of measured values via analogue & digital signals
Temperature sensor - For continuous oil temperature monitoring - Available separately or combined with humidity sensor

Monitoring Relay for Tap Changers

Monitoring Relay for Tap Changers

The monitoring relay for tap changers, also known as the protection relay for tap changers or oil flow relay, is a monitoring device for insulating liquid-filled tap changers with conservators. It protects the tap changer and the transformer from damage. The monitoring relay responds to excessive oil flow in the direction of the conservator and generates a signal disconnecting the tap changer and the transformer immediately from voltage supply.

Breathing Buffer Box G3B

Breathing Buffer Box G3B

Ageing of the transformer's insulation system is accelerated by oxygen dissolved in oil. With open-type transformers oxygen consumed is replenished from the atmosphere. This longtime effect has negative implications. The breathing buffer box (G3B) inserted in the transformer's breathing line upstream of the dessicant layer is deemed to solve this problem. This ensures hermetical sealing of the transformer.

News & Innovations

Gas Relay for Transformers CF 38 (Type 80) 

The gas relay can be used both on open-type transformers and hermetically sealed transformers. On open-type transformers with conservator the gas relay of type 80 can be used both as an air cell failure relay monitoring the hydro-type compensator (rubber sack) in the conservator, and as a gas r...| » Further reading 

Buchholz Gas Tester BGT 4.2 

Measuring and analysis of Buchholz gas directly on site Detection & analysis of H2, CO, CO2, C2H2, CH4+ Enables to decide about the continuous operation of the transformer Easy handling via touch display Incl. Buchholz gas sampler BGS | » Further reading 

Buchholz Relay 3+3 

Buchholz relay with 6 independent contacts 3 contacts for alarm & 3 contacts for disconnection Also available with mechanical pre-alarm system | » Further reading 


Elektromotoren und Gerätebau Barleben GmbH
Otto-von-Guericke-Allee 12

Phone: +49 39203 790

Florian, Bethge

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