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About us

We are a mid-size German company working since many years in the field of Power Ouality.

The industrial systems in the modern distribution grids are getting increasingly complex and diverse. In such an environment, it is not only necessary to deliver power in sufficient quantity but in sufficient quality. Even a seemingly simple product, such as voltage, has not always ensured compliance with quality criteria, even if every single part of the power supply and every load is built according to the relevant standards. Insufficient voltage quality leads to expensive production losses and loss of warranty on machines and equipment used.

Voltage sags, resonances, switching frequencies, reactive power, voltage fluctuations and supraharmonic distortions?
Do you have a power supply problem?
Your machine doesn't work as desired?
Your network suffers from voltage dips?

We have the solution to resolve that problem. Promised!

Products and services

low voltage, medium voltage, high voltage product portfolio:
active- and passive harmonic filter systems, reactive power compensations, resonance damping filters, voltage conditioner.

SOFIA® - voltage controlled harmonic filter with intelligent adaption

SOFIA® - voltage controlled harmonic filter with intelligent adaption

The most capable harmonic filter system worldwide.
Highest performance with minimal losses.
Innovative and effective.
The SOFIA® principle: Plug & Play technology for the perfect sine wave.

Simply intelligent, intelligent simple.

RESI - Resonance-Elimination-System

RESI - Resonance-Elimination-System

The RESI product family is used when disturbances or resonances occur at higher frequencies unlike the case of classical higher-order harmonics.
By the introduction of damping – e.g. a high pass resistor – resonances can be completely eliminated from the respective electrical systems. RESI systems are available up to larger units when attenuating the effects of commutation sags through high-power converters is necessary.

MIKA - High-Voltage-Compensations-Assemblies

MIKA - High-Voltage-Compensations-Assemblies

The MIКA product family stands for premium systems and sophisticated concepts for compensation and filtering of voltage grids.
Large industrial plants, renewable energy generators, distribution networks and many other operators of high voltage systems face the challenge to insure that their grid connections comply with all standards and requirements. To ensure such compliance, a capacitive / inductive componet and/or an application specific filter concept is often needed.


Condensator Dominit GmbH
An der Bremecke 8
59929 Brilon

Phone: +49 296 17820
Fax: +49 296 178249

Manuel Schörmann
Sales Engineer

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