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Bender GmbH & Co. KG is a globally active medium-sized family company and leading provider of top-class electrical safety products and solutions.

The range covers applications in the field of mobility for electric or hybrid vehicles, energy generation and distribution, regenerative energy extraction and applications in building technology and various other industrial areas. The development and production of components for the sensitive medical sector is one of the key focus areas for products.

Bender is represented in more than 70 countries around the world and with 12 own companies outside of Germany. It currently employs worldwide about 750 People. More than 15 percent of the employees work in research and development. Production is at two sites in Germany. Bender products and solutions are available around the globe.

We are committed to using innovative technologies to find solutions for your particular sector and application in order to guarantee the ultimate in electrical safety for people and machines.

Products and services

  • Insulation monitoring devices IMD continuously monitor the insulation resistance of IT systems (unearthed systems) and issue an alarm if the value falls below a response value.

  • Insulation fault locators IFLS are used in combination with insulation monitoring devices for localisation of insulation faults in unearthed power supplies

  • Residual current monitors RCM are used to monitor earthed systems (TN and TT systems) for fault currents or residual currents

  • Neutral Grounding Resistor: NGR Monitors measure voltage, current, continuity of the NGR connection and phase-to-ground voltage

  • Power Quality and Energy Measurement (also power analysers) record all relevant electrical quantities of electricity Networks

  • Measuring and monitoring relays are available for the purpose of monitoring electrical quantities. like overvoltage, undervoltage, frequency, unbalance, phase sequence, phase failure

  • Isolated power panels (IPS), changeover modules and transformer cabinets for medical Locations
Insulation Monitoring Device ISO685

Insulation Monitoring Device ISO685

The ISOMETER® is an insulation monitoring devices in accordance with IEC 61557-8 for IT systems. The devices are universally applicable in AC, 3(N)AC, AC/DC and DC systems. AC systems may include extensive DC-supplied loads (such as rectifiers, inverters, variable-speed drives).
In combination with the insulation fault locators of the EDS44x series or the appropriate measuring current transformers, an insulation fault location system can be set up with the iso685-…-P.

Residual current monitoring RCM

Residual current monitoring RCM

The RCMS system consists of one or more residual current monitors, which are able to detect and evaluate fault, residual and operating currents in earthed power supplies via the related measuring current transformers. The maximum voltage of the system to be monitored depends on the nominal insulation voltage of the measuring current transformer used in the case of busbar systems, resp. depend on the cables or conductors that are routed through.

Power Quality & Energy Measurement class A

Power Quality & Energy Measurement class A

The digital universal measuring device PEM735 is suited for measuring and displaying electrical quantities of electricity networks. The device measures currents and voltages, energy consumption and power, and displays the individual current/voltage harmonics for assessment of the power quality in accordance with DIN EN 50160. The accuracy of active energy measurements corresponds to class 0.2 S. The current inputs are connected via external …/1 A or …/5 A measuring current transformers.

News & Innovations

Neutral Grounding Resistance (NGR) Monitoring 

The idea of a neutral grounding resistor is to limit the maximum fault current in order to avoid damages and hazards caused by ground faults. Since the system is technically grounded (e.g. High Resistance Grounding) protective relays will work properly. Early detection of a change in the NGR v...| » Further reading 

POWERSCOUT Monitoring and analysis made easy 

Moisture, deterioration, dirt, mechanical damage or faults caused by the impact of current, voltage and temperature impair every electrical installation. The web-based software solution POWERSCOUT ® helps you detect malfunctions at an early stage and eliminate the causes in an economically...| » Further reading 

charge Controller for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, wall boxes or street light charging points 

The charge controller monitors charging system internal hardware, such as the meter, the user interface board or the socket. It is characterized by its compact design and size that in turn enables intelligent, small and cost effective charging systems. To enable the charge controller to commun...| » Further reading 


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