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Doepke Schaltgeräte GmbH

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About us

Doepke Schaltgeräte GmbH is a well-known German manufacturer of low voltage switchgear products such as RCCBs, MCBs, MRCDs, Twilight Switches and supplier of MCCBs, RCBOs and Rail-mounted devices for more than 60 years.

Products and services

  • Residual current circuit-breakers

  • Miniature circuit-breakers

  • RCCBs with overcurrent protection

  • Arc fault detection devices

  • Circuit-breakers with residual current trip

  • Modular residual current devices

  • Residual current monitors

  • Twilight switches

  • Load disconnectors, installation relays, pulse relays.
Selftest: Automated function tests offer increased safety

Selftest: Automated function tests offer increased safety

Doepke's Selftest' series of intelligent residual current circuit-breakers perform a self-test at regular intervals. Whereas previously self-tests had to be activated manually by pressing the test button, these devices now do this automatically every 30 days. What's more there is a check to ensure that the switch is functioning properly. Bypass contacts provide the power supply to the system during these self-tests, and a programmable potential-free contact allows a log to be kept.

Dasy twilight switch

Dasy twilight switch

The Dasy twilight switch means connected consumers are switched on at the desired level of dusk, and off again when there is sufficient brightness. The twilight value is also easy to adjust thanks to the rotary knob, without the need for tedious programming or a special tool. The light is therefore always switched on at the right time, even as times of brightness change through the seasons.

DCTR residual current transformers for non-stop monitoring

DCTR residual current transformers for non-stop monitoring

Doepke's intelligent transformers as per DIN EN 62020 are a retro-fittable solution for indicating residual currents via an integrated 4–20 mA interface. This makes it possible to directly evaluate the current residual current in the system being monitored. An integrated relay is activated when the fixed limit value is exceeded, making it possible to trigger a pre-alarm or, if used in combination with a circuit-breaker, to switch off the affected part of the system.


Doepke Schaltgeräte GmbH
Stellmacherstr. 11
26506 Norden

Phone: +49 4931 18060
Fax: +49 4931 1806101

Jose Cleetez
Sales Manager
Phone: +971 6564 1106

Doepke Middle East (FZE)
P.O. Box 9541
Sharjah SAIF Zone Dubai

Phone: +971 6564 1106

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