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About us

LumaSense Technologies provides innovative temperature and gas sensing solutions for energy, industrial, and advanced technology markets. LumaSense Global Energy customers include the world’s leading power producers and energy transmitters such as electrical utilities and refineries.

The solutions of LumaSense Technologies for Energy Markets include Fiber Optics Temperature measurements, monitoring-systems for Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) for transformer & LTC’s, SF6 Leak Detectors for Indoor GIS Substations, and Thermal Imaging & Pyrometry systems for condition monitoring of Power Substations.

LumaSense Technologies is well established in fiber optic temperature measurement through our LUXTRON Fiber Optic Hot Spot sensing solutions, with over 5,000 transformers monitored globally over the last 30 years.

Our ANDROS brand for NDIR gas analysis has been a pioneer for special applications such as auto emissions, SF6 Gas monitoring, and NDIR technology is also employed in our DGA-solution.

Products and services

LumaSense Technologies’ solutions for Energy Markets include LUXTRON Fiber Optics (FOT) Temperature monitoring systems, Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) monitors for performance and lifetime control of transformer & LTC’s.

Moreover we supply efficient SF6 Leak Detectors for Indoor GIS Substations, and MIKRON Thermal Imaging & IMPAC Pyrometry systems for condition monitoring of Power Substations.

Our expertise is developing and manufacturing state of the art infrared & fiber optic temperature sensors, thermal imaging systems, and gas analyzers, designed to improve product quality and make production processes more efficient.

Our energy solutions enable customers to accurately predict and realize sustainable performance improvements in the efficiency of existing energy generation, transmission and distribution processes.

SmartDGA Guide for Transformer Monitoring

SmartDGA Guide for Transformer Monitoring

This instrument provides comprehensive online Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) results that enable transformer diagnostics on the basis of Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) technology to measure and record all nine industry recommended fault gases of power transformers.
By constantly monitoring the concentrations and composition of these gases type and estimate the severity of various transformer faults can be identified with very accurate results.

ThermalSpection Monitoring System TS724

ThermalSpection Monitoring System TS724

Automated, continuous thermal imaging system for remote and automated early fault detection in substations and industrial sites.
The TS724DV-PT system allows you to continuously monitor the temperature profile and long term thermal trends remotely. It consists of thermal and visible cameras mounted on a positioner with continuous 360° pan range and tilt range of ±45°.
Applications include monitoring of substations and transformers as well as Fuel storage facilities monitoring for hot spots

 SF6 Leak Detection System INNOVA 3731

SF6 Leak Detection System INNOVA 3731

Detecting and quantifying critical Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) leakages in the T&D and Power industry
The INNOVA 3731 is based on the company’s Photoacoustic Spectroscopy (PAS) technology offering highly accurate, repeatable, and reliable quantitative gas analysis and detection.
Typical applications include leak detection for enclosed Gas-Insulated Switchgear (GIS) substations as well as leak detection on SF6 distribution and handling circuits in manufacturing facilities


LumaSense Technologies GmbH
Kleyerstr. 90
60326 Frankfurt am M.

Phone: +49 69 973730
Fax: +49 69 97373167

Stefan Schiepe
EMEA Field Marketing Manager
Phone: +49 69 973730

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