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BAE Batterien GmbH

BAE Batterien GmbH from Berlin is since 1899 manufacturer of premium industrial batteries for stationary and renewable energy applications.

Bayerische Kabelwerke AG

Bayerische Kabelwerke AG – cables are our passion! BayEnergy®, BayCom®, BayRail®, BayGreen®, BayMotion®, BaySpecial®

Bayerische Elektrische Maschinen GmbH B.E.M

Motors & alternators. We offer our customers under our brand B.E.M Power individualized products for the power range from 500 kVA to 30,000 kVA.

Bender GmbH & Co. KG

Bender GmbH & Co. KG is a German globally active medium-sized family company and leading provider of top-class electrical safety products and solutions.


DEHN + SÖHNE is global leader and innovator in the field of Lightning Protection / Earthing, Surge Protection and Safety Equipment.

HD Electric Company

HDE is known for quality, Innovation and the power of partnership. We proud to be a part of Emerson

J. Schneider Elektrotechnik GmbH

J. Schneider Elektrotechnik manufactures series and customized products: - Transformers and reactors up to 10 MVA, sinus filters - AC and DC UPS-systems Battery and Capacitor based

Gustav Klauke GmbH

Gustav Klauke is worldwide known for quality, Innovation and the Power of Partnership. Proud to be part of Emerson

Lloyd Dynamowerke GmbH

Lloyd Dynamowerke GmbH (LDW) manufactures electrical machines for your individual needs. As a longtime member of the AEG Group, we supply spare parts for most of the AEG machines.


Our Protection³ - Your benefit" SIBA, the leading German manufacturer of electrical fuses with worldwide distribution

TDK Electronics AG, Aluminum and Film Capacitors Business Group

TDK Electronics (previously EPCOS) develops, manufactures and markets electronic components and systems under the product brands of TDK and EPCOS.

Tefelen Preissinger GmbH

Tefelen Preissinger GmbH - a leading manufacturer of Low and Medium Voltage Cast Resin Insulated & Gas Insulated Busbar Systems up to 40,5kV & 7500A and Bushings up to 52kV & 7500A


Tesvolt specializes in commercial battery storage systems that function just as well at low voltage as at high voltage and can be connected to all energy producers.

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